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IPEL 15th edition

Back from Mashhad exhibition with great perspectives. During our stay, we realized the economic potential of the country. We are sure that Iran has all the conditions to boost its animal production industry.
We had the pleasure to meet IVO senior management, with which we had fruitfull conversations regarding regulatory affairs. 
We had also the opportunity to visit feed plants with great growth potential and production versatility.
There is also buying opportunities since Iran produces some raw materials for our industry.

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Veja Também

04 December 2020
A Zoopan e a a Racentro integram o CoLab Feedinov.
A Zoopan e a Racentro, empresas que pertencem ao universo do Grupo Lusiaves, integram o CoLab FeedInov, organização que tem como objectivo a promoção do desenvolvimento de ingredientes endémicos, inovadores e sustentáveis para a alimentação animal.