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Eurotier 2018

Zoopan was present once more at Eurotier, it was the fourth consecutive presence in the world biggest event dedicated to production animals.
It was the largest investment ever made by our company in international events, a 50% increase in area relative to previous editions, the exhibition has grown and occupied a total area of 260.000 sqm.

The 2018 edition conted with the presence of 2.586 exibitors (1.517 of wich international, representing 60 countries)
During the event Zoopan presented it’s novalties for 2019 like the micotoin binders, nutritional programs, complementary feed vitamin-mineral in linkable buckets and the new range of liquid vitamins.
It was also interesting to note that the majority of our international clients were present, being rewarding sharing knowledge from different realities and cultures, constant improvement was the aim.
We finished our participation with the feeling that we contributed for the success of the Eurotier 2018 with a total number of visitors of 154.948 (46.742 of wich international) representing 141 countries.

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Veja Também

05 December 2019
Floco Start® - A condução e o maneio das vitelas/novilhas de hoje influenciam as performances técnicas e económicas das explorações leiteiras de amanhã
Alimento granulado para vitelos até aos 3 meses.
Especificamente desenvolvido para optimizar o crescimento e futura vida produtiva e 
aumentar a digestibilidade e melhorar a qualidade higiénica da matérias primas.
21 January 2022
A Zoopan apresenta Z-Neoxioto, para cães e gatos
A Zoopan apresenta o mais recente produto: Z-Neoxioto, produto de higiene e limpeza auricula.
O Z-Neoxioto está indicado na higiene e cuidado auricular de cães e gatos.
Com ação emoliente e hidratante, o Z-Neoxioto deve ser usado para a limpeza regular dos ouvidos de animais adultos saudáveis.