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Floco Start

In order to perform field trials a protocol was established envolving 21 animals. The objective was to evaluate the impact of Floco-start on the growth performance, in calves.

Three different feed formulation were used, ad libitum for the first 2 months of age and the goal was to understand which promoted a better growth performance and (bone) development in future breeders.

After the analysis of the results, we verified that the calves fed with Floco-start presented higher average growth (0,649Kg/day), when compared with the other 2 groups ( 0,529Kg/day).

Attending to the results achieved, the study will continue, in the same animals, with the objective of analysing the following parameters: date of the first artificial insemination, date of first parturition and quantity of milk produced during the first lactation. These results will allow us to make a long term evaluation on the use of Floco-start in calves.


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